DSC_0873-smLong Range Planning is a collaborative process that is most successful when engaging the community as a whole. Fauquier County strives to involve as broad a spectrum of the community as possible so as to allow for the sharing of disparate viewpoints which are important to consider in the development of a robust plan. Not all views can be incorporated into the outcome, but all should be heard and considered.

The outcome of this process should be the definition of the goals and aspirations for the development of the community into the future. The primary outcome of this effort is the Comprehensive Plan which shapes public policy in terms of land use, transportation, public facilities and resource protection. This document is supported by additional research and plans concerning the environment, transportation, natural resources, heritage resources, demographics, as well as fiscal and economic impact analyses. 

Citizen Committees & Outreach

These groups and events occur regularly and as directed by the Board of Supervisors. Service District advisory groups and committees meet to discuss updates to community plans and develop a draft for recommendation to the Planning Commission. These committees usually last a year or more until a draft is adopted. The County’s Transportation Committee also discusses road plans that can be used in updates to the Plan and VDOT’s 6-Year Plan. Other, special committees are formed to provide a level of detail to a particular topic, such as public facilities or bicycle and pedestrian planning. Advisory groups are an important part of the planning process and citizens are encouraged to participate.

Proposed Comprehensive Plan Amendments

Such amendments must be posted online as required by the Virginia Code. This page is dedicated to the posting of Amendments drafted by applicants as well as the County. All proposed changes to the Plan, including text, figures, tables, illustrations, and maps will be posted here and updated if the amendment is modified. Supplemental information necessary for the review of these amendments and companion applications will be posted when possible. Many County-sponsored Comprehensive Plan updates involve community meetings and drafts. In these cases, visit the citizen advisory group web page to follow along with on-going meetings and materials. Drafts provided to the Planning Commission will be posted on this page. 

The complete file for all applications, including archived versions of the proposal and staff reports are available for viewing in the Planning Office. Should the proposed amendment be withdrawn, or denied by the Board of Supervisors, the application will be removed from this webpage. Should the application be approved, staff will incorporate all changes into the adopted Comprehensive Plan.

Applicant-Proposed Amendments

Amendments proposed by applicants shall be posted online as they are received.

  • Convergent Technology Park, Jeffrey B. Price, Applicant - an application for a Comprehensive Plan Amendment to Chapter 6, Bealton and Remington Service District, from Residential - Low Density (1 to 3 Units per Acre) to Light Industrial/Employment Center.

County-Proposed Amendments

County initiated amendments are directed by county staff to address ongoing needs within the Comprehensive Plan. Some of the more recent examples are listed below.

  • Update to the Comprehensive Plan Chapter 8 - Rural Lands Draft with Summary of Changes from Existing Language (Executive Summary).

  • Update to the Comprehensive Plan Chapter 7 - Villages: COMA-17-006479 - A map containing information relevant to the update of the Villages Chapter of the Comprehensive Plan was presented to the Planning Commission at a work session on February 16, 2017.

Recently Approved County-Proposed Amendments 

County initiated amendments that have been approved in the last year.

  • Update to the Comprehensive Plan Chapter 6 – Catlett, Calverton, Midland Service District Plan: COMA-16-004693. The Board of Supervisors approved the Comprehensive Plan Update of this chapter at the February 8, 2018 public hearing.

Other Planning Efforts



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