Route 29-A

On September 19, 2017, Fauquier County and the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) conducted a public information meeting at Auburn Middle School to discuss potential safety and operational improvements for US 29.  The potential improvements focused on four key intersections:

  1. US 29 and Vint Hill Road (Route 215),
  2. US 29 and Riley Road (Route 676),
  3. US 29 and Broad Run Church Road (Route 600), and
  4. US 29 and Telephone Road (Route 838)/Old Alexandria Pike (Route 693).

Possible improvements for the intersection of US 29 and Suffield Lane/Baldwin Street (Route 673) were also shown. 

Approximately 230 people attended the meeting and the county received responses from 72 property owners.  Overall, the responses were fairly evenly split between those that oppose the potential improvements and those that support or only expressed concern for the potential improvements.  Concerns heavily centered on the ability for emergency vehicles from the New Baltimore Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company to access US 29 as well as school bus traffic.  County staff and VDOT are working to schedule follow up meetings with residents and business owners.  This page will be updated with additional information of upcoming meetings as they are scheduled.


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