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2016 Employee of the Year

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We would like to congratulate Mr. Mike Asjodi on being selected as our



Mr. Mike Asjodi had a case that he assisted in getting his client medical attention before the situation resulted in death. Physicians stated that if Mike had not immediately acted on the situation the client would inevitably have passed away within days.

It was after a full assessment of the situation Mike determined that the client had a medical condition that needed emergency attention.  The client wanted to shower and get cleaned up before going to the Emergency Room. Mike assisted with this, as well, so the client would feel more comfortable about going to the hospital.

Mr. Asjodi has set an example for other workers to complete a full assessment on clients to determine what the true cause of their condition or situation truly is.  

We are grateful for Mr. Asjodi’s commitment and dedication to this community, and are proud to present him as Fauquier County Government’s Employee of the Year!