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Fauquier ePortal is your one-stop place to view all of your information regarding your employment with Fauquier County.  Once you have logged in, you can view your information, as well as make changes to some areas!  Fauquier ePortal is a web-based software which allows you to log in at your convenience, any time, any place! 

Take a look at our quick tutorial if you would like to try and change your ePortal password yourself.


What can you do on your Fauquier ePortal account?

  • View your home address, phone number, email and emergency contact information on file with us. 
  • Make changes to your address as well as phone number.  Select Personal Information under Employee Self Service.  There, you will be able to view all of your current information, and any changes can be made by simply clicking change next to the appropriate section.
  • Obtain copies of your pay stubs. Simply log into your account and select Pay/Tax Information.  You will be able to print by selecting the paycheck you need.
  • Make changes to your banking information on file. You can change your current direct deposit under your ePortal account.  Select Pay/Tax Information then select Direct Deposit.  The Human Resources Department will still need to have the Direct Deposit Form (use a link here to send to PDF of form) to verify banking information.
  • View your leave balance. Under the Time Off section you will see your current balance.  In addition, employees can request time off from this section too!  You can select Request Time Off and enter the applicable information.
  • Update your banking information. Select Pay/Tax Information then select Direct Deposit.  Please note that Human Resources will still need you to complete a new Direct Deposit Form in addition to your ePortal changes to verify banking information


Additional Features....

  • If you are thinking of making changes to your exemptions, but not sure how it will affect your take home pay, check out the paycheck simulator!  You can test how different tax exemptions will change your paycheck.  And once you have made your decision, you can make the change under the Pay/Tax Information by selecting the W-4 section.
  • Another great benefit under the Pay/Tax Information is the Total Compensation option.  Under this tab, you can see your overall compensation from Fauquier.  This includes both your pay and benefits.
  • In an effort to encourage on-going education, several training classes are made available to employees.  Please be sure to take a look under the Training Opportunities to see which classes are available!  If you would like to attend, simply click Details/Enroll next to the class that you are interested in attending!

We encourage you to log in on a regular basis to makes sure all of your information is up to date. If you are still needing assistance, please call 540-422-8300.