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Current Fauquier County Public School Employees:

  • Always make sure that your mailing address on file with the Human Resources Department is correct.  This information is reported to the Virginia Department of Education each time a licensure request is submitted and is used to deliver documentation or other correspondence to your home address.
  • Always keep your Virginia licensure information up to date.  The most important areas on your license are as follows: Full Name, Degree Level, License Number, Validity Dates, Endorsement Area(s), Hands-on First Aid, CPR and AED, Child Abuse and Neglect Recognition and intervention, Dyslexia Awareness, VA History and Local Government (if applicable) and School Counselor Mental Health Recognition (if applicable).
  • Teachers holding a 5-year renewable license are required to have a total of 180 recertification points at the time of renewal.  The 180 points are earned over a 5 year period that is indicated on the front of the Virginia license.  Please review the Virginia Licensure Renewal Manual to get additional information on the available renewal options to earn the required 180 recertification points. Effective July 1, 2018 renewable licenses will be for 10 years. Starting January 1, 2019 the renewal fee will be $50. 
  • For licensure renewal processing fees, please make checks payable to the Treasurer of Fauquier County and send directly to the Human Resources Department, Attn: Daniel Phillips, Certification Specialist.
  • Please do not send any documentation directly to the Department of Education.  Always go through the Licensure Specialist.
  • In order to post recertification points to any teacher licensure account, an official transcript in a sealed envelope from the college or university registrar's office must be submitted to the Fauquier County Human Resources Department, Attn: Daniel Phillips, Certification Specialist.
  • Information regarding the Virginia required Technology Standards for Instructional Personnel can be found on the School Division website.  Technology Standards requirements must be completed within the first year of employment with a Virginia school division.
  • Information regarding the Virginia required Child Abuse Training Component can be found on VCU's website.  The Certificate of Completion should be submitted with your Application Packet for an initial license or sent directly to the Licensure Specialist for documentation purposes.
  • For information regarding the process to add an endorsement to your existing license, contact the Licensure Specialist.

Special Note:  Revision in License Renewal Requirements:

The 2015 General Assembly passed House Bill 1320 that amended requirements for license renewal as follows:

Every person seeking renewal of a license shall complete all renewal requirements, including professional development in a manner prescribed by the Board, except that no person seeking renewal of a license shall be required to satisfy any such requirement by completing coursework and earning credit at an institution of higher education.

On or after July 1, 2015, license holders will not be required to take a college or university course to renew a Board of Education license.  License holders will need to complete 180 professional development points and all other renewal requirements set forth in regulation and statute.  The process to change the Licensure Regulations for School Personnel to conform to the statute has commenced.  The Licensure Renewal Manual also will be revised to reflect this change.

Fauquier County Public Schools renew licenses online. We cannot start this process until January of the renewal year. Checks for renewal ($50 fee) should be made to the Treasurer of Fauquier County. We then deposit checks into our account with the Virginia Department of Education to renew your license online.

Initial teacher licensure information:

  • To apply for an initial Virginia teacher license, refer to the Licensure Application page on the Virginia Department of Education's website to obtain the forms and information on specific steps. Effective January 1, 2019 initial license application fee will be $100. 
  • To obtain additional information regarding the Virginia Professional Teaching Assessments, refer to the Assessments page on the Virginia Department of Education's website.
  • Individuals completing an educational preparation program through a regionally accredited college or university should check with their school to make sure that the school is going to submit an initial licensure application packet to the Virginia Department of Education.
  • For information and regulations on Virginia alternative routes to licensure, you may find additional information regarding  the Alternative Routes Program on the Virginia Department of Education's website.
  • Once you are hired with Fauquier County Public Schools, the Licensure Specialist will assist you in applying for your Virginia Teaching License.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact Daniel Phillips at: 540-422-8320.