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Mission Statement Farm

The mission of the John Marshall Soil and Water Conservation District is to provide leadership, technical assistance, and education to the people of Fauquier County in proper soil stewardship and water quality protection to ensure the wise use of the county’s natural resources.


John Marshall Soil & Water Conservation District

The John Marshall Soil & Water Conservation District has been providing local solutions to natural resource and conservation issues in Fauquier County since 1966.  The District is one of 47 Soil & Water Conservation Districts (SWCD) in Virginia which comprise the State’s only grassroots conservation network.  SWCDs partner with local, state, and federal agencies and organizations to identify conservation problems and provide solutions.  Primary functions of the John Marshall SWCD include implementation of the Virginia Agricultural Cost Share Program, providing technical assistance in the design and establishment of conservation practices, and providing conservation education to youth and adult audiences.

Virginia's Soil and Water Conservation Districts are “political subdivisions of the Commonwealth," (VA Code § 10.1-500) that utilize local, state, federal, and private sector resources to solve today's conservation problems.  The guiding philosophy of all Conservation Districts focuses on decision-making for soil and water conservation issues at the local level, by local people, with technical assistance provided by government agencies.  Each conservation district is led by a Board of Directors made up of local citizens interested in soil and water conservation.  These elected and/or appointed members study local natural resource issues and make decisions to enhance and protect their community.


The Potomac River Watershed makes up the eastern part of Fauquier County, the Rappahannock River Watershed makes up the western part of the county

Conservation Programs & Services provided by John Marshall SWCD


  • Technical assistance for planning and designing conservation practices such as animal waste storage facilities, stream bank protection fencing, installation of alternative livestock water systems, stream crossings, and rotational grazing systems.
  • Financial incentives for installing conservation practices through the Virginia Cost Share and Tax Credit Program.
  • Development and oversight of conservation plans for agriculture production and good stewardship of natural resources.
  • Management of the Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) program to improve water quality in Fauquier County’s impaired streams.
  • Building public/private partnerships to manage and preserve Fauquier County’s natural resources.


  • Provide rain barrels to promote water conservation.
  • Assist Fauquier County Health Department with the management of the residential TMDL program to improve water quality in Fauquier County’s impaired streams.
  • Monitor water quality in Fauquier County streams to track water quality improvements.
  • Provide soil and water conservation information to Fauquier County urban/suburban residents.

Conservation Education

  • Sponsor conservation field days and farm tour events for school and public audiences.
  • Provide educational programs to school groups and civic organizations.
  • Provide conservation information and resources for teachers.
  • Sponsor the Dominion Envirothon program for high school students.
  • Publish a quarterly newsletter to provide up-to-date conservation information.


Local Solutions

The John Marshall SWCD encompasses all of Fauquier County.  The District serves as the link between landowners and agencies that provide assistance in protecting soil and water resources in the county’s primary watersheds, and ultimately, the Chesapeake Bay.

If you have questions about how the District can be of assistance to you, please check out other pages on our site or contact us at 540-347-3120 x4 or