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Education Resources

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The John Marshall Soil & Water Conservation District has a number of resources and tools available for teachers.

Macroinvertebrate ID Keys

Macroinvertebrate ID Card

Macroinvertebrate ID by Taxa & Tolerance

Macroinvertebrate River Dichotomous Key

Macroinvertebrate Pond Dichotomous Key


Practice Quizzes

Below are some quizzes for students to practice their knowledge on soil and water-related issues.  Quizzes have been aligned to VA SOL Standards.

3rd Grade Soils

4th Grade Water & Watersheds



The District has the following tools available to loan to teachers:

(2) 40" Soil Probes

(1) Soil chemistry kit (measure soil pH, N, P, and K)

(5) sets of soil sieves (mesh sizes: #6, #20, #40, #100)

(6) No-Wait Moisture Meters

(5) No-Wait pH Meters



The District has the following posters available for teachers and other educators in Fauquier County.  There is no charge for any posters.  Please note that all posters are first-come, first-served and a number of them are no longer being printed.  For many of the posters, we will not be able to order additional copies once the quantities we have are depleted.

  Chesapeake Bay Rivers Map  

Chesapeake Bay Rivers Map Poster

Size: 24.5" x 18.5"

Copies Available: 7

Smokey Bear Wildfires

Smokey Bear Wildfires Poster

Size: 24" x 18"

Copies Available: 8

  Benthic Macroinvertebrates  

Benthic Macroinvertebrates Poster

Size: 21.5" x 16.5"

Copies Available: 4

Virginia's Watersheds*

Virginia's Watersheds Poster

Size: 34" x 22"

Copies Available: 17

  They Don't Eat Their Pollinators  

They Don't Eat Their Pollinators Poster

Size: 37.5" x 18"

Copies Available: 39

Don't Light Up the Night

Don't Light Up the Night Poster

Size: 20" x 30" 

Copies Available: 3

The Water Cycle*

The Water Cycle Poster

Size: 40" x 35"

Copies Available: 5

Colors of Soil*

Colors of Soil Poster

Size: 28" x 22"

Copies Available: 42

Farming Magic Eye*

Farming Magic Eye Poster

Size: 28" x 22"

Copies Available: 87

*Poster is two-sided.  Additional educational information or activities are present on the back.