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The Fauquier County Parks and Recreation Board, established in conformance with the Ordinance adopted by the Board of Supervisors of the County of Fauquier on September 14, 1972, and amended on October 5, 1983, May 3, 2000, July 5, 2000, April 14, 2001, December 31, 2001, December 1, 2004, February 2, 2005, and September 7, 2005 has adopted the following articles in order to facilitate its powers and duties in accordance with the provisions of the State Code of Virginia, Chapter 8, Section 15.1-271 and 15.1-272, and the aforementioned ordinance of Fauquier County, Virginia.


The Fauquier County Parks and Recreation Board, hereinafter referred to as the Board, is dedicated to the enhancement of the quality of life for all people in Fauquier County.  Working in partnership with the people, the Department shall provide the leadership to assure that citizens receive high quality recreational facilities and services.  The Board shall also provide for leisure recreation/education opportunities and facilities for all residents of Fauquier County, to pursue and be responsible for the preservation and beautification of natural and historical sites, and shall endeavor to insure the provision of these sites for the future.  The Board has been vested with the power, duties, and obligations necessary to accomplish this purpose.  They shall be charged with full responsibility for the recreation programs and park facilities designated by the County Board of Supervisors.


Section 1                   

Board Makeup           

The Board shall consist of five (5) or more members, appointed by the Board of Supervisors, each of whom shall be residents of the County of Fauquier. The Director of the Parks and Recreation Department shall be a non-voting, ex officio member of the Board.

Section 2                   


Terms of Office shall be for four years. The four year terms shall expire on September 30 of each year as follows:

Marshall:         initial appointment of 1 year to expire in 2003 and then every four years thereafter.

Lee:               initial appointment of 2 years to expire in 2004 and then every four years thereafter.

Cedar Run:      initial appointment of 3 years to expire in 2005 and then every four years thereafter.

Center:           initial appointment of 3 years to expire in 2005 and then every four years thereafter.

Scott:            initial appointment of 4 years to expire in 2006 and then every four years thereafter.

Section 3                  


At least one Board member will represent each magisterial district; however, they need not reside in the district they represent.  All appointments shall be residents of the County and shall maintain their residency within the County throughout their term.  Change of residency to a locality outside of the County shall result in immediate forfeiture of the office.

Section 4                   


The Chairman of the Board of Supervisors may, with consent of the Board, remove any member of the Board for misconduct or neglect of duty.

Section 5                  


Vacancies occasioned by removal, resignation, or otherwise shall be reported to the Board of Supervisors and shall be filled in like manner as original appointments except that the term of office is restricted to the unexpired term of office.

Section 6       


Members may be reimbursed for travel and subsistence to professional recreation meetings, conferences, and workshops and such reimbursement being made in compliance with the general policies of Fauquier County and of the Board.  Members are to be compensated $1200.00 per annum as approved by the Board of Supervisors on March 26, 1999.


Section 1                    


The officers of the Board shall be a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman, and a Treasurer.  The officers shall be elected at the organization meeting in October to serve for one year or until a successor shall be elected.  Should a vacancy occur, the Chairman will appoint a replacement to serve until the office term expires or until a successor is elected.  The Vice-Chairman and Treasurer’s offices may be held by the same individual at the Board’s discretion.

Section 2                   


The Board shall adopt by-laws and rules and regulations governing its procedures that are consistent with the provisions of the State laws and the approved ordinance as set forth by the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors.


Section 1                    

Regular Meetings                    

Regular meetings shall be held the first Wednesday of each month during the year.  These meetings will convene at 7:00 p.m. or such other time as so designated at the Warrenton Community Center meeting room or such other place as so designated.

Section 2                   

Work sessions            

Work sessions may be called by the Chairman or by the request of ateast two members of the Board.

Section 3                  

Special Meetings

Special meetings may be called by the Chairman or by the request of at least two members of the Board.

Section 4                   

Organization Meetings         

The regular meeting in October of each year shall be called the organizational meeting.  The purpose of this meeting shall be the election of officers, the presentation of the annual report, and other business that may need to come before such meetings.

Section 5                   


Three (3) voting members shall constitute a quorum at any regular or special meeting.

Section 6                   

Open and Closed Meetings                       

All proceedings shall be open to the public except deliberations that need, and are allowable, to be discussed in closed session in accordance with Federal and State Freedom of Information Laws.

Section 7                   


Meetings shall be conducted in accordance with procedures prescribed in the by-laws and decisions reached only after full consideration on the issue in question. General parliamentary procedures as given in the latest version of Roberts’ Rules of Order shall generally be followed

Section 8                    


The following shall be the order of business of the Board, but the Rules of Order may be suspended for any matters to be considered or postponed by action of the Board:

a.        Call to order – Pledge of Allegiance

b.        Approval agenda

c.        Comments from citizens.

d.        Presentations/Commendations

e.        Consent agenda

f.         Reports

g.        Action items

h.        Information items

i.         Board items

j.         Closed sessions

k.        Adjournment


Section 1                   

Operation &  Supervision            

The Parks and Recreation Board shall provide, maintain, operate,and supervise the public parks and playgrounds, athletic fields and recreation centers, and other recreation facilities owned or controlled by Fauquier County or leased or loaned to the board by the owners thereof.  The Board shall have complete supervision of the facilities and activities provided and conducted on or in connection with the parks, playgrounds, athletic fields, and recreation centers provided and shall have the power to conduct any form of recreation or cultural activity.  The Board shall additionally have the responsibility to identify, preserve, and beautify the natural and historical sites within Fauquier County that merit such consideration.

Section 2                  

Acceptance of                             

The Board may accept any grant, gift, bequest or donation of anymay accept any grant, gift, or devise of real estate.  Any gift, bequest of money, or other personal property, grant, or devise of real estate shall be held, used and disposed of in accordance with the terms of conditions under which such grant, gift, or devise is made and accepted.  The approval of the Board of Supervisors shall be required for any acceptance that involves an additional cost for the County.

Section 3                  

Establish a Department                

The board shall establish a Department of Parks and Recreation(hereinafter referred to as the Department) and may delegate,through the Director, such duties and responsibilities to the Department that are necessary to facilitate the fulfillment of the Board’s duties and responsibilities.

Section 4                   


The Board shall make a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors,regarding the appointment or termination of a Director of Parks and Recreation.  However, the Director shall not be appointed nor terminated without the consent of the Parks and Recreation Board.  The Director shall possess the necessary foundation training and demonstrate by actual work the ability to organize and direct a community recreation system.  He/she shall be a National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA) or Virginia Recreation and Parks Society (VRPS) Recreation Professional or be eligible to become certifiable on the professional level.  Certification must be accomplished within one year of commencing duties.

Section 5                 



The Board shall additionally determine, establish and record the general policies to be followed in carrying out the purpose for which the Board was established.

Section 6                    

Inform the Community

The Board shall interpret the recreation and parks services of the Board to the community and interpret the needs and desires of the community to the Board of Supervisors of Fauquier County.

Section 7                    


The Board shall prepare and present to the Board of Supervisorsan annual operating budget sufficient to finance the program of Recreation and Parks which the Board feels is necessary for the benefit of the residents of the County of Fauquier.  The budget shall be submitted to the Board of Supervisors at the time designated by the Board of Supervisors to hear the requests.

Section 8                   

Capital  Improvements                  

The Board shall annually recommend to the Board of Supervisors a five-year plan for capital improvements (acquisition and development) in accordance with the plan for parks and recreation for the County and request an allocation from the General Fund or other funds sufficient to provide for these needs as planned.

Section 9                  

Fund Appropriation  

Funds appropriate by the Board of Supervisors of Fauquier County and budgeted to the Parks and Recreation Board shall be disbursed upon vouchers issued by the Board of Supervisors.  All monies collected by the Department other than budget appropriations shall be deposited in the County Treasury.  Funds received by grant, gift, bequest, or donation shall be disbursed in accordance with the terms of such grant, gift, or donation.  The Parks and Recreation Board shall have the responsibility for the expenditure of all monies collected, budgeted and deposited to the credit of the Parks and Recreation Board.

Section 10                

Planning Duties 

A Master Plan that includes the acquisition and development of an adequate system of parks; the preservation of naturally andhistorically significant sites, the beautification of the County, and the provision of other facilities; recreation programs for the residents of the County of Fauquier and an annual update of the plan consistent with the County Comprehensive Plan will be prepared by the Parks and Recreation Board.  The Board will investigate and determine the needs and interests of the community for recreation facilities and programs on a continuing basis.


Section 1                   

Duties of Chairman

The Chairman shall preside at all meetings, sign official papers, appoint committees, call special meetings, represent the Board at official functions and perform all of the duties usually handled by a chairman except when such duties are properly delegated.  The Chairman may make and second motions due to the small size of the Board.  Overall, the Chairman is responsible for the integrity of board process including effectiveness of meetings and the Board’s adherence to its own rules and polices.

Section 2                   

Duties of  Vice-Chairman                  

The Vice-Chairman of the Board, in the absence of the Chairman, shall perform all of the duties of the Chairman.  In the absence of both the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman, the Board shall elect a Chairman Pro Tempore who shall perform the duties of the Chairman.  The Vice-Chairman shall be charged with the responsibility of seeing that all standing and temporary committees function as planned by the Board.

Section 3                    

Duties of  Treasurer                   

The Treasurer shall perform duties in connection with the financial resources of the department as may be required by the Board. Duties of the Treasurer will neither lessen nor add to the Director’s accountability to Board and County policies on fiscal matters.

Section 4                    

Duties of Director                   

The Director shall serve as the executive functionary for the Parks and Recreation Board.  The Director serves as an ex-officio member of the Board.  The Board shall approve a position description, and revise as needed, for the Director position to carry out the Board’s directives and oversee the day-to-day operations of the department.  The Director shall serve as the medium of communication between employees of the department and the Board; exercise full administrative authority for personnel, financial, property, and other resources of the department; develops and implements plans and departmental improvements, reports to the board on all matters impacting or that may impact, the department; advises and makes recommendations to the Board; assures that the Board’s directives, policies, and plans are implemented; and to assure that the department is operated in a professional, efficient, effective, open, and progressive manner.

Section 5                  

Duties of Secretary                    

The Office Manager shall be the Board’s Secretary.  The Secretary shall perform the usual duties pertaining to the office.  The Secretary shall keep or cause to be kept a full and true permanent record of all meeting of the Board.  This includes regular and special meetings plus reports of standing committee and shall be the custodian of all documents.  The Secretary shall issue or cause to be issued notices of regular and special meetings.  Also, the Secretary must issue minutes of the previous meeting to the Board members prior to all meetings.  The Secretary will prepare a brief report of Board actions to be forwarded to the board of Supervisors on a monthly basis.  The Secretary will perform such other duties assigned by the Director.


Section 1                   


The Parks and Recreation Board shall make full and complete reports to the Board of Supervisors at such times as may be requested and at such other times as the Board of Supervisors may deem proper.  The fiscal year of the Board shall conform to that of the Board of Supervisors of Fauquier County.


Standing                     Parks and Recreation/Schools Cooperative Committee

Committees                The Chairman shall appoint two persons each year at the Organizational

Meeting to serve on the Cooperative Committee.  The role of the committee members shall be guided by the Parks and Recreation/Schools Cooperative Committee Agreement and Operational Guidelines.

Bids and Contracts Committee

The Chairman shall appoint two persons each year at the Organizational Meeting to serve on the Bids and Contracts Committee.  The committee shall serve to review and approve bids, specifications, contracts, change orders, and other related documents and matters between Board meetings.  The committee shall be authorized to approve work as outlined herein up to a limit of $20,000.

Advisory Committees

The Board may appoint Advisory Committees to provide special attention to specific facilities, functions, or topics that are deserving of focused effort.  Advisory committees shall report to the Board at least semi-annually.

Legislative Committee

This committee shall serve as the legislative liaison for the Parks and Recreation Board for all state and federal legislative matters.  The Committee shall provide information to the Board concerning any pending and/or enacted legislation that impacts the Board and/or department.  The Committee shall be authorized to act on needed to protect and convey Board interests in timely manner.  The Committee shall also develop the annual legislative platform for the department and coordinate all actions and positions with the Board of Supervisors as appropriate.

Fauquier Youth Sports Coordination Council

The Chairman shall appoint two persons to serve as the liaisons for the Parks and Recreation Board.  The role of the liaisons is to serve as an ongoing link to the Council to resolve issues associated with the sports complexes as well as coordinate general youth sports related topics.

The Chairman may appoint committees as needed and for specific time frames to accomplish specific tasks.  These committees may be composed of Board members, staff, citizens, or any combination thereof to achieve the desired results. 


Section 1                  


These By-Laws may be amended at any regular meeting of the Board by a majority vote of the entire Board, provided previous written notice of the nature of any proposed amendments shall have been given at least one regular meeting before the action thereon shall be taken.  The By-Laws may also be amended at any regular meeting upon the unanimous consent of all Board members.

Fauquier County Code establishing the Parks & Recreation Board

Fauquier County Code, Chapter 16, Public Parks

Fauquier County Code