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Central Fauquier Sports Complex, Warrenton
Construction 3/4/19- 8/2020
the last two rectangular fields have been graded and sprigged with bermuda grass. Slopes between fields and trails are being topsoiled,seeded and matting is being put down. Continue to construct asphalt trails between the ball fields.  March begin work on artificial turf fields and start road work on Meetze road, now that Verizon and Dominion have moved their line.

Central Fauquier Sports Complex Utility Plan Warrenton

  Dominion Power has designed the electrical paths based upon load letters. Septic plans are in review with Dept. of Health.  
Rappahannock Station Civil War Battlefield Remington
Review phase 1/3/2020- 3/1/2020   Comments from Comm/Dev due soon.
Work with American Battlefield Trust on transfer of property and DHR for easements. Over the summer.  
Comprehensive Plan Update November 2019-2020 Staff gas until 2/14/20 to compile maintenance, operations and programming data to the consultants. Facilities, parks and trails have been visited and evaluated by the consultant. Mid March meet with consultant to review all the data and begin to prepare for public meetings in May.  

Riverside Preserve Canoe and Kayak Launch Marshall

Design  VA Outdoor Foundation creating public easement documents based upon master plan for park Take easement to BOS for approval; Working with DGIF on an MOU to build and maintain  launches.  
Northern Fauquier County Pool  Marshall Scope of Work Marshall Community Advisory Board has chosen the Marshall community center site for a pool.  Sub committee will be set up in February to develop scope of work.  
Southern Fauquier Sports Complex  Remington Concept-  Concept plan completed  Level of service needs for the number of fields will be determined during Comp Plan Update.   
Mintbrook Proffer 4 rectangular fields Bealton Opening August 2020  Fields have been fertilized. Spring/summer weed control and overseeding.  

Warrenton Branch Greenway Extension Warrenton

Bid- November 2019-March 2020 Community Development reviewing plans Working on IFB documents for VDOT review.  
Woods @Warrenton Trail Warrenton Construction- 1/28/20- 5/28/20 Groundscapes was given notice to proceed and survey work began on 2/3/20. Determine Construction schedule and install erosion controls.  

Last updated 2-4-2020