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Rules and Regulations

 Parks and Indoor Facilities

Excerpts of Fauquier County Ordinance Section Chapter 16

Acts and items prohibited include, but are not limited to:

Excessive noise                                       Motorized vehicles on trails

Disorderly conduct                                   Damage to property

Alcohol                                                    Harming of wildlife

Littering                                                  Disobey a lawful order

Drugs                                                     Digging


Weapons other than firearms authorized by the Code of Virginia


Vint Hill Community Center

Gum, Smoking and tobacco products are prohibited.

Food and drink are permitted only in the designated areas.

Shoes and shirts must be worn at all times.

Children under 12 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, unless child is enrolled in a Parks and Recreation sponsored activity. All youth groups must have one chaperon for each ten children.

Consuming, possessing or being under the influence of any controlled substance is prohibited.

Children between the ages of five (5) and seventeen (17) are not permitted in the Center before 2:00 p.m. on regular school days, unless there is a scheduled school half day, school is closed, a scheduled school activity, or are with a home school group.

All patrons must check in at front desk upon entering the Center.

Use of profanity is not tolerated.

Athletic footwear (non-marking) must be worn while using the gymnasium and racquetball court surfaces.

Personal items must be left in patron’s car or in a locker.

Parks and Recreation staff are not responsible for any damage to or loss of property left in the Center.

All patrons 13 and over MUST show photo ID to enter.

No refunds on Daily Admissions.

Failure to adhere to these rules may result in loss of Center privileges.


Vint Hill Community Center Open Gym

Posted Open Gym Time

Posted Adult Open Gym Time

Posted Youth Open Gym Time

Adult Admissions

Up to 2 adults with youth 12 and under may enter facility at no charge but may not use gym or amenities

All adults entering the gym must pay admission fee

There are no non-paying spectators


Up to 2 adults with youth 12 and under may enter facility at no charge but may not use gym or amenities

Adults wishing to use the gym during youth time must be accompanied by a youth under 18 years of age

Youth Admission

Youth 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult

All Youth ages 4 and over must pay if using gym and amenities

Youth are permitted in the gym during posted adult open gym time

Youth 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult

All youth ages 4 and over must pay admission fee

Youth 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult

All youth ages 4 and over must pay admission fee

There are no non-paying youth spectators

Adult = 18 years of age and older
Youth = 17 years of age and younger (under 4 years no charge)


Larry Weeks Community Pool

The following are prohibited:

Pets, except ADA compliant animals

Oversized T-Shirts

Cut-off shorts and street shoes on the pool deck

Chewing gum

Swimming masks and snorkles

Toys or floats greater than 12”

Glass containers and other breakable objects

Diving or flipping into the pool from any area of the pool deck

Pushing, backward jumping, diving, horseplay, shoulder rides, dunking, snapping towels, running, and the use of abusive or profane language

The following activities are allowed at the discretion of the pool manager:

Playing ball

Small floating toys in the Children’s Pool

Cameras and/or video equipment

Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by a supervising adult 16 years or older. The supervisor must be in swimming attire, remain in the pool facility, and be responsible for no more than 6 youths at a time.

Group leaders are responsible for the conduct of organized groups. Misconduct of an individual in a group may be cause for dismissal of the entire group.

Food and drink are permitted only in designated areas. 

Children not toilet trained must wear snug fitting swim diapers.

The last 15 minutes of each hour are for adult, 18 years of age or older, swim only. Adults may take their infant (under 2 years) into the family pool. The Children’s Pool will be closed during this time.

Person's with infectious disease, nasal or ear discharge, exposed sub-skin tissue or wearing a bandage may not use the pool.

Guests unable to swim the width of the pool and to wade in deep water are prohibited in water depths over their shoulders.

Coast Guard approved, foam filled life vests are the only permitted swimming aids. Wearer must remain in shallow water within arms reach of a supervising adult.

Lifeguard instructions must be obeyed. Repeat violators may be ejected from the premises.

Observe posted signs. Areas may be restricted for use (swim lessons, lap swim, training).

All persons entering the pool must register with the cashier and pay appropriate fee.

Spectators for events shall pay the appropriate fee for the activity but shall not have access to the pools.

When capacity is reached, entry and re-entry into the pool facility will be on a one-for-one basis as guests exit the pool facility.

Refunds are not given for any reason.

Rain checks will be given to guests who enter the facility less than 2 hours prior to a nonscheduled pool closing. The guest must present their receipt to the Attendant. Rain checks are not given to guests when they are expelled for disciplinary reasons.

Parents or adult guardians not intending to swim must remain outside of the pool facility or pay admission fees.

The Pool Manager has the authority to evict any person for disorderly conduct or repeated warnings for violations of any rule.

Children over 6 years of age must use restroom and locker room designated for their gender. A family changing area/handicap accessible restroom is available for younger children requiring adult assistance.