Real Estate Data

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The information displayed on the Real Estate on-line pages are prepared from the inventory of real property found within this jurisdiction and is compiled from recorded deeds, plats, other public records and data.
Users of this service are hereby notified that the aforementioned public record information sources should be consulted for verification of the information contained on the associated screens.  Due to production timing and other circumstances, this information may not necessarily reflect the current taxable record.
The county does not assume any legal responsibility for the information contained herein and makes no warranty as to the absolute accuracy of the elements displayed.


REO and the Tax Parcel Viewer

Real Estate Online (REO)

REO provides citizens with a view of current real property records used for the purpose of assessment and taxation.  These records are maintained by the Real Estate Division of the Commissioner of the Revenue. 

Tax Parcel Viewer

GIS provides citizens with geographic views of data through a variety of maps and interactive map apps.  The Tax Parcel Viewer allows users to geographically search and display current tax parcel information.  Related assessment information can also be accessed by clicking the REO link in the popup box for a selected Parcel.


R-REO and the R-Tax Parcel Viewer

Displays static data based on the 2018 Reassessment market values.

This data does not include all late 2017 changes
(i.e., new construction, boundary adjustments, and the creation of new parcels). 
Those changes are reflected in REO and the Tax Parcel Viewer.

Reassessment Real Estate Online (R-REO)

R-Tax Parcel Viewer