Town Polling Places

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On every election day, the normal polling place hours of operation are 6:00AM open to 7:00PM close. 

Town polling places are used ONLY for the election of Town Offices (Council and Mayor) in the Incorporated Towns of Remington, The Plains and Warrenton. 

Code of Virginia (§24.2-101) "'Qualified voter in a town' means a person who is a resident within the corporate boundaries of the town in which he offers to vote, duly registered in the county of his residence, and otherwise a qualified voter." 

To check and see if you are a registered voter residing within an Incorporated Town, please visit the Citizen Portal on the Virginia Department of Elections website.  If you are a qualified town voter, the Citizen Portal will provide you the correct polling place location for town elections. 



Remington Town Hall: 105 E Main St, Remington 22734



Grace Episcopal Church: 6507 Main St, The Plains 20198



Ward 1 (2570A): Warrenton Manor Apartments, 663 Hastings Ln, Warrenton 20186

Ward 2 (2570B): Warrenton Presbyterian Church, 91 Main St, Warrenton 20186

Ward 3 (2570C): Warren Green Building, 10 Hotel St, Warrenton 20186

Ward 4 (2570D): Public Safety Building, 333 Carriage House Ln, Warrenton 20186

Ward 5 (2570E): Warren Green Building, 10 Hotel St, Warrenton 20186


ABSENTEE (All Towns)

901 Central Absentee Precinct: General Registrar’s Office, 528 Waterloo Rd, Suite 200, Warrenton 20186-3011